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Digital Surveillance

Access Control system

Fire Alarm  system

Public Address System

Smart Fencing

Scanning  Systems



Digital Surveillance

Also known as CCTV system, we specialize in designing the complete solution as per your requirements.

  • IP Based High Resolution Monitoring system
  • Multi channel video surveillance with Analytics
  • Store video clips in any storage media based on time
  • Web-based support for viewing at remote location
  • Multi level password protection
  • Real-time AlarmingNight vision and Thermal Cameras

Access Control System

Access control is a system to monitor and control the movement of the people in a premises. they are basicly Networked, and standalone. With a networked system, all of your doors communicate with a central computer. This means that you can control every door from a single location. You can quickly lock down all doors in an emergency, or add and remove credentials. Networked systems can even control remote locations.

  • RFID Card , Biometric, Face recognition , IRIS based systems.
  • Combination of Biometric & Smart Card technology
  • Centralized Card & User Management through Software
  • Selected Access Facility
  • Automatic Boom Barrier.
  • Sliding and Swing Door Automation.
  • Sliding and Swing Gate Automation.
  • Turnstile, Security BoothsRetractable Bollards.
  • Turnstiles ,Flap Barrier, Optical Barrier

Perimeter Fencing

onsidered to be the first line of defence , as it offers a highly reliable, cost effective, round-the-clock vigilance system that not only deters would-be intruders through discharge of regulated pulses of high voltage electrical energy or sensor based devices but also detects delays and even denies entry to & exit from the protected area. The perimeter fencing offers various benefits including significant reduction in recurring cost of Manpower , can pinpoint the area where intrusion has occurred, high security with negligible maintenance cost and integration with various ssecurity and surveillance systems.

  • Welded Mesh Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Concertina Wire
  • Electrical Wire Fencing
  • Wire Sensor Intrusion Detection System
  • Buried Cable Intrusion Detection System
  • Digital Microwave Detection System

Public Address Systems

A public address system is an electronic sound and amplification system with a Microphone , amplifier and loudspeakers , used to allow a person to address a large public. The system can also be used for music and well as speech, distributing the sound throughout a venue or building.

Stand Alone Systems: These systems are easy to install, compact and off the shelf solutions usually meant for small setups .

Customized System: These systems are capable of supporting a large number of evacuation and/or paging zones , Capable of managing complicated evacuation strategies in the event of an emergency.Ability to prioritise multiple audio inputs and outputs (Microphones, background music etc..)

Networking System: Scalable and modular to adapt to constant changes and demands, IP connectivity to link multiple sites to 1 control or command centre. The system can be integrated with the EPBAX to add more flexibility.

Scanning  Systems

There are different security machines in many people gathering places like train station and airports to detect human beings and their belongings passing through to see whether there is any suspicious stuff or forbidden stuff inside of their baggage or on human bodies. The Key importance of security scanner is that its prevention role in important buildings.

  • Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • Door Frame Metal Detectors
  • Under Vehicle Scanning System
  • X- Ray Baggage Scanning Machine

Maintenance System

The world has changed. People  are more connected, customers are more informed and empowered, and companies  are expanding at a pace  than ever before. With the ever expanding infrastructure , the security and safety is no longer a luxury but a critical necessity. We at V9 Technologies Inc. Understand the needs of our customers  and  believe that the 24X7 continuous operationsof the systems is absolutely mandatory for the safety of the human lives , data and critical  infrastructure.  By signing us with us to maintain your services we ensure the following.

  • Investment Protection: Extended Life of Capital Investment
  • Single Source Accountability
  • Provides for a fixed annual fee which can be easily planned in your operating budget
  • Quick and Timely Response Constant availability of service resources
  • Value added services – Training, audits & Compliance confirmations
  • Flexible offers Suited to your budgets

Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS), also known as a Building Automation System (BAS), is a centralized control system that is used to monitor and manage various aspects of a building’s operation. BMS is a vital component in modern buildings, whether they are residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional. The primary purpose of a BMS is to improve the efficiency, safety, security, and comfort of the building while reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

  • Centralized Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Energy Management
  • Security and Access Control
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Maintenance and Diagnostics

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